AutoDJ not working

Hello! I apologize for my poor English, I just started to study it and it is difficult for me to write large texts, so I will use a translator.
The problem is that I want to connect music to my twitch channel using AutoDJ, but it just doesn’t work. I filled out the playlist, set the settings and did everything as it should. But the bot does not respond to chat commands, and music is not heard on the stream. What could be the problem?
Thanks )

Hiya, are you broadcasting from your pc? Nightbot just plays the music on your pc, your broadcast software needs to capture this music so your stream can hear it. For example if you stream from a console, then AutoDJ will not work.

No, I streamed with the PS4. Thank you very much for your help!

Is there any alternative methods for console streamers to be able to play their own music playlist on stream?

I think - not. Onle if using a capture card

you can use soundcloud or spotify on xbox to stream music but its a bit of a hassle. not an optimal option but still possible

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