AutoDJ Monstercat Playlist randomly stops playing at times

As the title says, sometimes the AutoDJ will stop playing the Monstercat Playlist and I have to go press play again for it to start (ironically stops in the middle of the game). No mod nor I put anything in the chat to command it to pause. I know it was towards the end of the stream that had been going for a while. Do not know what is causing this.

Also for the Monstercat playlist, the songs are from Soundcloud now? Were they always from Soundcloud? (I thought I saw them being hosted on a different site that is not Soundcloud). I am asking because now, at random songs, the volume level of a song is suddenly increased for no reason and it is very disrupting for the stream. The volume control/the ball on the slider on the app says it is at the proper setting (lets say at 35), however, when I click the control again at the exact same location of ball at 35, to double check the sound, the volume immediately lowers.I do not know if this is a bug, it does not happen to every song. Occurs randomly, I would say it was the song, however, when I click on the volume control ball & slider without moving it, the volume lowers to the correct setting.

This sounds like Chrome autopausing content that is not in view. If you play in fullscreen, that’s probably why. You need to keep AutoDJ in its own window, not minimized, and visible. You can thank Chrome for this.

Perhaps that is the case then. I have had it in its own window and not full screen, however, I would minimize it.

Would chrome be the reason for the volume changing randomly as well?

The volume changing is actually a Soundcloud player bug, which we are not able to fix at present. We have a hacky solution which tries to “fix” it but is not entirely successful all of the time. There might be a way to just not autoplay it with Soundcloud’s autoplay and instead play it once it loads, which might resolve the issue. I’ll play around with it in hopes it fixes the issue (I can’t reproduce the issue any longer myself).

I pushed a change that resolves an error the player kept spitting out on load, which might also fix the volume issue. Please see if that fixes it for you.

The volume issue is fixed now. Thank you.
The only bug I think that may have changed is sometimes that the song while playing will cut out but only for a brief second or so and then continue the song. It is not a huge issue but thought to mention it.

Otherwise, the player is working well for me.

That sounds like an issue unrelated to us. Perhaps your internet is not buffering the song fast enough so it must pause temporarily.

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