AutoDJ - Monstercat Playlist - Needs Updating!

Hello I am writing to report the Monstercat playlist needs some Major updating its got roughly 5 songs I am aware of that are now currently no longer allowed for Live streaming and the AutoDJ seems to keep Picking them from time to time. Is there any way we can get these updated or something.

I have the list of ALL songs no longer permitted for Live Streaming and Video Content Creating. They attempt to keep it up to-date.

I still remember Seeing these titles in the playlist even though they always get my Video’s Muted.
Bleed - SCNDL & Timmy Trumpet
Apparently anything Pegboard Nerds is getting flagged. “So what” “Gunpoint”
Heartbeat - (appears any artist)
One Minute (DotEXE’s)

And many more are still on the Bots playlist
Possible the Bot could get a major overhaul on that playlist or a API check with Monstercat to make sure their list is updated to that playlist to keep those songs from ever playing?

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From our copyright section for music:

We recommend setting up a channel playlist full of licensed/free music and then restricting requested songs to the channel playlist (this can be configured in the song request settings). This ensures you control the library of music that can be played on your stream and prevents viewers from causing you to break any laws by streaming copyrighted content.

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So I am guessing that is a No on ever updating the Nightbot’s Monstercat Playlist that can’t be altered or edited to already remove most of the Missing Songs and no longer Legal songs to play?

We try to update it periodically. I’ve ran an update on it so it should be updated now with their catalog.

Ok thank you.

I was feeling like I was taking for ever to try and manually pull all the songs from the current list into my own spare playlist just so I could keep my viewers happy.

I only got to something like 60 before life got in the way.

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