AutoDJ Monstercat playlist may have played a song not published by Monstercat

I’ve been using AutoDJ’s Monstercat playlist extensively for the few months that I’ve been streaming and ran into a weird issue tonight. After shutting down my stream, I checked the VoD to review the quality of my stream and noticed that a portion of the audio (thankfully right at the beginning, as part of my “Starting Soon” scene) had been muted. Twitch had flagged the first song played from AutoDJ as a song that doesn’t appear to even exist within the Monstercat playlist, but I can’t say with certainty whether the song they identified was or was not played at that time. Specifically, Twitch identified the audio in question as ‘Night Over - Inkitca,’ and this is the only occurrence that I’m aware of audio from one of my VoDs being muted.

I’ve submitted a ticket with Twitch to review the audio more closely, but I’m wondering if there’s any way that I can review my AutoDJ history to track down whether it’s a case of mistaken song identity, or if a non-Monstercat song managed to somehow sneak it’s way into the playlist?

That song is not listed in the playlist, so it’s possible it’s similar and was mis-flagged.

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