AutoDJ is not playing (including error log on console)

Hello, I’m a moderator of Ruha_Kimyang(@ruha0218), the artist and twitch streamer.
The broadcast is using AutoDJ feature of Nightbot to play songs requested by viewers.
We used the player with latest Google Chrome on Windows 10.

But since yesterday, AutoDJ is not working, not showing YouTube player. It’s just showing a song’s information.
We tried to refresh the page (include Ctrl+F5, ignoring cache), skipping some songs, but it doesn’t affected.
When we see Javascript console log in Developer Tools, there is this error log.

 vendor-36d7c2a1.js:26 TypeError: o.player.playVideo is not a function
    at (app-4b12ce73.js:1)
    at d.e.toggle (app-4b12ce73.js:1)
    at fn (eval at compile (vendor-36d7c2a1.js:26), <anonymous>:4:209)
    at vendor-36d7c2a1.js:90
    at d.$eval (vendor-36d7c2a1.js:26)
    at d.$apply (vendor-36d7c2a1.js:26)
    at HTMLButtonElement.<anonymous> (vendor-36d7c2a1.js:90)
    at HTMLButtonElement.dispatch (vendor-36d7c2a1.js:26)
    at HTMLButtonElement.m.handle (vendor-36d7c2a1.js:26)

Is there anything we can do to solve the problem?

If you’re still having this issue, make sure you disable browser extensions which disable scripts, like NoScript, Adblock, etc.

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