AutoDJ favors certain songs

After using AutoDJ for several months on nearly every one of my streams, it’s become apparent that AutoDJ is playing certain songs more than others. When I first starting using AutoDJ, I had about 30 songs on my playlist, and it’s slowly expanded to the current 77 songs. However, there are songs on this list that, though I’ve added months ago, have no played a single time. As well, there are other songs that have played very frequently, and some that have played only once or twice. Is there a way to completely randomize my playlist so that I can have all the songs shuffle, not just a selection with certain songs favored more than others?

In advanced, thanks for the help!

This shouldn’t be the case. When you go to the AutoDJ Page it plays whatever the last song was when you exited the page, and the way it decides the songs that should come after is by randomly shuffling the playlist you have and then playing them in order decided without repeats. This does mean that the order isn’t kept if you refresh multiple times, so some songs will be played more often due to chance.

I don’t believe there is any bias or non-randomness to the functionality of the shuffling (i didn’t make it though, night did). but if you do let it play out (or press the skip button through songs) it should go through the entire playlist without repeating a song until all have gone through.

How has it become apparent that some songs are playing more than others? I have a small-ish playlist of like 33 songs and i haven’t noticed any similar thing and i know people with 200 songs who have not found the same.

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