AutoDJ Failing to change songs

I am using the desktop version (Windows v0.0.1-alpha) and I am using Spotify playlist. While listening to music, at the end of every song, I have to physically change the song… I know hard work, boo hoo. Anyways, It does this without fail. I haven’t found a work around, but this is what I do. 1.) I open Spotify 2.) I open the desktop app 3.) I go to AutoDJ 4.) I hit play… That is it. For Extra info, When the song ends, it doesn’t stop plating music. It just loops the song over and over. There are songs in the queue, so it isn’t because a lack of songs. I can not use the hot keys to skip songs either. I have to use the skip song in the nightdev app. Also, if I pause the song, It breaks it, as in not playing music again until I reopen everything. Don’t know if this is a problem, but, I do have Spotify Premium. Other than this, the app has been wonderful. Thank you to all the devs and thanks in advanced.

Disable repeat on Spotify is the best info I can give you for the repeating songs. I also hear that it works best if you pause the song using the AutoDJ page and not Spotify.