AutoDj currently song playing

Is there any way to add the auto DJ Currently song playing command to the variables ?

Hey @zeezoo_15!

It’s not possible, since the YouTube player in the AutoDJ isn’t linked to a different account per user, so there’s no way to link it to and have it display what you played last.

Actually I I can display my current song playing in YouTube using last FM variable by using web scrobbler, but because nightbot is using the embedded medial player for YT the scrobbler can’t recognize it but I thought maybe you guys have a way to add the nightbot to the supported web scrobbler website list

Well, you seem to have found the solution already!

It seems it’s open-source, I’m not sure of how it works because I haven’t read the documentation, but you could try to add it yourself.

If NightDev is interested in adding the feature, then they’ll likely do it, but you’ll have to be patient as it’s just a side-project that doesn’t bring any money.

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