AutoDJ currently not working

I go to the AutoDJ to play music currently and music does not start. The refresh wheel is constantly running on my google chrome tab. It wont play either logged into obs studio or logged out but will only play on the soundcloud page and not the nightbot page.

SoundCloud is working fine for me. Try clearing your cookies/cache and disabling things like Adblock and NoScript. You might also try using Chrome if you’re on Firefox.

Yes Sound cloud is working always has been. What I’m saying is AutoDJ does not work. I have to go to SoundCloud itself in order to play music. Normally when i log into NighBot i go straight to songrequest click on autodj and hit play in order to play music. Now when i do the same thing when i hit play doesn’t start music at all. The circle will keep spinning for about a min or so then the music will play. Attaching a screen shot.

If the SoundCloud player is having trouble that’s not something we can fix. As was stated, try clearing your cookies/cache and disabling things like Adblock and NoScript. You might also try using Chrome if you’re on Firefox.

As stated and shown I’m not using Firefox I’m using Chrome also I never said SoundCloud isn’t working. If you read what I just previously wrote there is no problem with SoundCloud. I shared a screenshot and also told you what the problem is. You are the developer and I’m using your product so half the response you just sent was an auto response. Either I use discord or some chat service with you because what I am writing is not being understood. .

That right there said you were attempting something with soundcloud. When night is talking about “soundcloud” it is in terms of AutoDJ, he doesn’t really care if it works on their site, he cares if it works on his site.

So, could you please provide a link to your soundcloud playlists page. I will see if i can reproduce as i currently cannot on my end. When i go to my playlist which is completely soundcloud songs it plays them just fine.

Nightbot - my playlist (from testing someone else’s issues) if you want to try it out and see if the issue still occurs. Gotten from here: Stream NoelleMBrooks | Listen to Nightbot Auto DJ 2 playlist online for free on SoundCloud Stream NoelleMBrooks | Listen to Nightbot Auto DJ 1 playlist online for free on SoundCloud is what the current problem i have been having over the past 2 weeks. Cash and cookies cleared and using Google Chrome.

Thank you for the video, it actually helps a lot to see exactly what is going on.

So i saw that the after 2 or so minutes the little refresh went away and the song started playing. Does this only occur on page load or whenever a new song appears? It doesn’t seem to be an issue with your internet but there is definitely a lot of data attempting to load that is either failing or constantly processing, which is very strange. I haven’t seen any similar reports in the past.

What extensions do you have installed? Does the same thing happen in an incognito window (so that its pure chrome and there are no outside extensions possibly causing something)?

If you refer to the bottom-left of your browser, it states “waiting on” This means that it’s waiting on SoundCloud to load.

Unfortunately since the issue is SoundCloud’s we aren’t able to fix it. You will have to wait for them to fix the issue (if they ever do). There are numerous issues lately with their embed, not just with it improperly loading. Developer support is nonexistent for SoundCloud, so we have no means to report issues to them.

I have the same problem. AUTODJ doesn’t add the songs in the queue, ¿Any body can help me?

Yeah, same prob here. Whenever viewers want to add a song to the cue the song magically disappears. It’s stated in the chat that the song is cued up as #1 but as the playlistsong ends, the playlist just stops playing.
Just tested it yesterday but had no luck with fixing this problem.
(Chrome/Cache cleared/NightBot Desktop Version also tested)

If you’re having issues with SoundCloud then disable it in the AutoDJ settings and then choose a different playlist other than Monstercat in the settings too.

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