Autocomplete for emotes only?

Hey. So BTTV has an awesome chat feature - register-independent autocompletion on Tab keypress. What I’d like to do is enable it for emotes only (or exclude usernames from autocompletion, whatever). How can I do that? If I can’t, I’d like to request this option. Thank you.

We combine emotes and usernames into the tab completion system for legacy support of our original functionality (before Twitch started prefixing usernames with the ‘@’ character). While we give priority to usernames when tab completing, you can press tab and shift-tab to navigate the list of matched items. Many people are not aware of this functionality. Additionally, the more letters you type, the more accurate the completion will be.

I know that, yeah. However due to names having larger priority sometimes I’d have to hit Tab 25 times before I get there(Kappa being the most prominent case). Even if I decide to do that for whatever reason, what if somebody with a name starting with Kappa leaves/joins the chat? I’d have to adjust my breaking of a tab key every single time.
This workaround isn’t really a solution.
I mean, if you think this suggestion is stupid/not really important to put work towards/unwanted, you just should have said so, I would understand.

Generally it is a perfectly fine solution for most use-cases. Tab completion is really only useful for subscriber emotes, which tend to be longer. Most, if not all, users type Kappa and the other default global emotes without tab completion. It doesn’t really make sense to use Kappa or other global emotes as a use-case.

For an example of the intended usage, take a subscription to CobaltStreak. I personally don’t remember his exact emote codes, but I know his prefix is “cobalt.” Therefore, you would type “cobalt” and can tab through his emotes. Sure, there might be a couple users with “cobalt” prefixing their username too, but since the majority of users on Twitch lurk in chat and we don’t import the user list into tab completion, there is generally not an issue tabbing through the usernames.

Night: have you ever seen CBenni’s autocomplete implementation?

He has a chat demo with a weighted tabcomplete that gives custom weights to words. Things like more recent names in chat, words you’ve typed before, etc. It works really well and would probably solve things like this (if you type Kappa a lot, it’ll be higher up in the suggestion list).

I can’t find the actual chat demo, but I’ll ask him in IRC tomorrow.

Anyone is welcome to pull request and maintain new features for BetterTTV. If you want to build something super complex like that you’re welcome to. I personally will not be advocating or working on improving tab completion when the one we have works just fine for most, and since I’m generally the only one working on BetterTTV these days it probably won’t happen unless I do it. People seem to love to request complicated changes to features, but nobody seems to value time it takes to host, maintain, and run BetterTTV for free already, and nobody else wants to match the amount of time I already have spent on this add-on without being paid.


Oh I’m happy to write it, just wanted to hear your opinion on it first.

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