Auto Running Commercials

How can i get Nightbot to auto run a 60 second commercial every hour?

You could setup a timer using our website at and set it to run the commercial command:

I used a timer with the alias ‘!commercial’ and it said it was invalid and when I added ‘60 silent’ nothing happened

Where did it say it was invalid? This should work perfectly fine.

Nightbot said It is invalid it the twitch chat

I’m not 100% sure for the commercial module if you need parameters afterwards, but it should be as simple as this:

Cheers mate I’ll test this out tonight

Hey @BDavies211!

Has this worked? It seems to me it wouldn’t, here’s the correct way to set up such timer:

Cheers I’ll test this one out, but I used a ‘/commercial’ on a timer and i think that worked

I’m not so sure it worked, but maybe it did, haha! Here’s why I have doubts.

I added nightbot as an editor recently so I know it can play ads

Then it’s all good, it should work nicely, glad you figured a solution by yourself!

Thanks for everyone’s help

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