Auto role is non-functional

Hi there,

I invited Nightbot to my Discord server half hour ago (give or take), but the auto role feature doesn’t seem to be working as intended. In fact, I don’t think it’s working at all, at least, not for my server.

  • The Nightbot role is above all other server roles
  • The Nightbot role has full permissions on the server (including MANAGE_ROLES)
  • The user(s) in question are definitely either moderator/regular for my channel
  • The user(s) in question have their twitch linked to their profile

I have tested, and commands work fine so the bot is definitely responsive. I also triple-checked by manually adding a user from Discord as a mod/regular making sure they had Twitch connected and still nothing. Is there an issue currently, or maintenance?

Literally, as I posted this one of the users got given a role :rofl:

Sods law, right so it’s definitely working just takes forever to update (even after manually forcing an update)

Syncing occurs every 15 minutes, if and only if your server was active in the 15 minutes prior.

I can you it was longer than 15 minutes with activity, but all is sorted now regardless. Thank you for the reply!

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