Auto moderation not issuing timeout to people who infringe on the blacklist

I’ve set the bot to timeout someone for a certain amount of time. Here are my settings:

The bot is in my discord server. So I have a normal user type in a link or url which is picked up by the filter. Like this:

It just keeps giving warnings but its not muting the person or preventing them from speaking for the duration that I set on the settings. Whats the problem here?

Thank you

Timeouts do not function on Discord at this time, sorry. Discord doesn’t have a native timeout system, so we just remove messages.

Is there a way to make a command to set user role or something? Can the bot mute someone? or change their role to a role that doesn’t have permission to send message?

No the bot cannot mute someone as it just removes their messages. There is also no way to move someone to a role so you cannot move a user to a permission.

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