Auto DJ Sound Help pls!

I’m having trouble with auto dj

So basically its working BUT I’m playing a game and I want the music quite so I can hear foot steps but I turn it down and stream cant hear it. I want a way to turn it down for me but keep the volume up for the stream .


The way I can achieve this is by wearing a pair of headphones with a volume slider on them. When I move the volume slider on my headphones, it affects the volume that I hear, but it does not affect the volume that the stream hears. This makes it where I can turn the music up or down however I’d like and it stays constant for the stream.

I don’t know how you could achieve this otherwise.

That didn’t really make sense . If I did that then my friends talking would be quitter

Sorry, just trying to help and offer a possible solution.

I wasn’t aware you would have friends viocechatting with you at the same time that you were listening to music. I don’t know of any way you can turn down the music on your end, keep it up on the stream’s end, and not effect your friends’ voices.

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