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Auto dj not loading embedded player

So I seem to be having issues getting auto DJ to function. To be clear, I’ve used the function extensively for youtube videos until today. It seemingly randomly just stopped loading the embedded player. No clue why as it’s the same playlist I’ve always used… Embedded players work elsewhere, literally just not there. I was using the app but I’ve tried both in chrome and microsoft edge and the issue is there as well. Unlike some other people, I get no indication the page is perpetually loading. Soundcloud videos play. However youtube simply does not open the player.

seconded, having the exact same problem. It works on the web version of the bot, but I’m trying to use the APP version.

I’ve got the same problem, since yesterday (Sep 15).
Everything seems fine but the player doesn’t load. It works in the web version, but I need the APP :slight_smile:


Same here, from 2 days ago, the Song Requests function is only able to take requests, but it doesn’t get any video to actually play. I already tried different browsers, refreshing and relogging.