Auto DJ Having Issues

Just today, my channel playlist has lost about 100 songs from the list, it can no longer be sorted in any way(video title, channel name) when I go to view it, and auto DJ no longer shuffles the list, queueing the same songs in the same order even after refresh.
I realize that some maintenance recently took place and assume something went wrong.

In order to fix stability of the playlist system we migrated to a new datastore, which does not support random sorts. There may be a way to achieve this, but for now it will be the same sort every time the list loads.

Okay, but is there anything about the missing songs? Since the playlist viewer can’t be sorted it makes it difficult to tell which songs were removed

No data should have been lost, as there were no errors in the migration logs. It’s worth noting that the old “total count” was approximate, and depending on how many tracks were in your playlist it may have been inaccurate, especially if you add or remove tracks frequently.

I noticed that quite a few songs that I know for a fact were in the playlist are no longer there, either by manually sifting through the list or through the search function.