Auto Ban api command

So I was wondering if there was any api commands that would allow moderators to be able to timeout someone using the bot if something is getting spammed. For example !autoban 13 . So anyone that is saying 13 in the chat would receive a timeout from the bot. Then there would be a command that allows you to unban that like !unban 13. I’ve seen this in one stream, where the bot was custom made but I think it would be a very helpful feature for moderator’s.

Nightbot does not do permanent bans. If you want nightbot to do any sort of chat filtering, timing out, or spam protection you can take a look at its spam protection with blacklisted words but customapi’s are not able to do any form of banning or timing out, as that could lead to abuse.

Moderators wouldn’t be able to edit the blacklisted words in chat, but they could if they are made a nightbot panel manager

ok i was just curious since i saw a stream have it with a custom bot that they payed someone to make and i thought it would be a cool feature

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