Audio with no preview in OBS

Is there a way for me to get the audio from the follower alert to come through even if I don’t have the OBS preview enabled? Basically I want to be able to disable the visual preview in OBS but still have the audio from the follower alert play on my computer. Is this possible?

Hey TheMightyHeffer,

Do what I do, set up the alert then move it off screen!
ha ha, no joke, that’s what I do.


Do you mean like, just have a chrome window (or whatever web browser) with the link navigated to on another screen? I guess that makes sense. I hadn’t thought about that. Should I remove the &preview=true clause?

no I am talking about in CLR Browser for OBS. The way the tutorial explains how to use the alert with OBS.

Right, I have the CLR browser configured in OBS. I just want to be able to hear/see the alert, without the rest of the video. It’s a bit resource intensive to have everything mirrored.

I’m not sure I’m understanding you correctly.

I think not using preview in OBS doesn’t allow any audio so it going to be hard to do that. OBS preview shouldn’t really use up that much more cpu resources. Have you went over to the OBS forums and saw if anyone has any info regarding that?

I have not, but that’s probably a good idea haha. Thanks for your help.

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