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Audio Volume Solved


If no one has resolved this yet, here it is.

It states early in the donation/follow alert script that volume control is disabled and can’t be controlled through JS
which isn’t true.

In Tip Alert script do the following.

after line 243 insert a new line with
volume = getParameterByName("volume"),

Next on line 281 insert the following

		if(!isNaN(volume)) {
			soundvolume = parseInt(volume);
			soundvolume = soundvolume/100;
	  } else {
			soundvolume = parseInt(100);
			soundvolume = soundvolume/100;

and on what should be line 294, or more exact, in the beginning inside (on a new line)
alertSound.addEventListener("loadeddata", function() {}


alertSound.volume = soundvolume;

now in the URL you can simply do &volume=(number from 1-100)

It’s just as easy to do in the follower alert, but the linenumbers mentioned above might not match.



oh yeah, and maybe you could actually add it into the file for future use?

just an idea


We do not expose this because we don’t want to add an additional setting for it. You are welcome to do that at your own risk.


Risk of what, if you don’t mind me asking?


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