Audio output device Setting

Hi. I know there are other closed topics about this but supportstaff doesnt seem to say if they are going to implement this setting nor seem to understand the importance of it.
It would really help to be able to control the audio output in order to control the volume of every hardware/software it is sent to.
For example i want my viewers to have the music at a proper volume but in case of a tryhard session in any competitive game, i would like to to be able to reduce the volume of the autoDJ i hear or sometimes mute it for a moment without muting it for the viewers, via Voicemeeter for example.
There are many other utilisations for the audio output control but thats just the example that matter the most for my use.

I hope you will consider on adding a little app settings window with a few common settings like the audio output choice (and maybe a night mode one day).

Thank you for your work. Have a good day.

We only support outputting sound to the default audio device, sorry. There’s not easy way to configure the audio otherwise (the app is a Chromium derivative, and Chromium offers no such option).

Ok. thanks for the details. Have a good day.

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