Audio alert for highlighted text not working?

I set up highlighting for specific words in my chat and enabled the audio alert on highlight function so that I’d be informed if someone said hello. Messages containing the specified words were indeed highlighted visually, but I never heard any audible alert. I know this is a beta feature, but does anyone know why it isn’t working for me? Thanks in advance for your help!

You only hear an alert when you’re out of the tab/window. This prevents you from being annoyed with highlights as a viewer.

Oh, that’s disappointing. I monitor my stream on my iMac while I play on my console and stream from my gaming PC across the room. I tile my monitoring windows (including chat) so that I’m never tabbed out of any of them, but my chat is usually kind of dead and I often miss messages because my attention is mostly focused on the TV rather than my iMac. I was hoping that setting highlights for words like “hi” or “hello” in conjunction with the alert on highlight setting would at least let me know when a new person greets me in chat, but if I have to have the chat window hidden for the audio alert to work that’s not going to do me any good :frowning:

I also have the problem.I added own words to highlight but it’s not even highlighted…Also the sound is not played.

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