Auction For Charity


I was wondering if there’s a way to integrate Nightbot into an auction for a charity. Here’s the details:

We have an item we want viewers to BID on for charity (Operation Supply Drop). Every charity bidding website wants A LOT of money for their services so we’re going to try to do it ourselves.

Would there be a command or set of commands somehow where someone could

!bid 5

would be $5 and then if someone else wants to bid, it would need to be more than $5 … I know this is complicated but we don’t want money taken out for fees etc esp when it’s supposed to be for charity. The auction will be on Saturday so any ideas are MORE than welcome!

Unfortunately we do not have a tool to do that at this time, sorry. You might try commissioning someone to build a custom API that can be used with our URL fetch variable and/or our API.

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