Assign variable to user?

Good day,

Is there a way to assign a variable to a user, at least until they leave the channel? What I’m thinking is, users could type !mute, indicating that they aren’t hearing me, and I would have to type any responses to them. If they talked, Nightbot would announce that they are currently muted (there’s a variable to add time between responses as well, I know, if someone can additionally help with that).

And they could !unmute when they’re listening.

Thank you!

Considering nightbot doesn’t keep track of who uses what command you would have to use some outside api most likely. Sorry, if this wasn’t what you were hoping for but as of right now there is no real way for nightbot itself to do this.


Okay, thank you Potato. Even a ‘nope’ is an appreciated response. I had the thought and had hope, but that’s okay. Thank you again.

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