App GUI does not show

I download the app last night. I click the shortcut icon, ans no GUI shows. Process is running though.
Fresh download and install did not work. Deleted the appdata folder and install did not work.
Rebooting and launching right away will sometimes work.

Is this a known issue. I googled around and did not find a solution that works.

I also reinstalled as Administrator.
Ran as administrator
Using the last (and greatest) version of Nightbot.
Allows the exe in the firewall.
Made a DMP file because there is clearly a bug here as there were two other topics you all closed before the user confirmed it was working.
The DMP is 200+MB! Should not be that large unless you are hung up somewhere.

I guess nobody care then.

You’re the only one to report an issue with the latest version, so it’s most likely an issue solely with your computer. Ensure you’re on the latest version of Windows 10 64bit and have all the latest Windows updates.

It is. This is the second thing I checked and I am very anal about keeping my computer up to date. It is Windows 10 64bit gaming class laptop.
You app is in the process in task manager, but no GUI.
Windows Defender was set to allow the app (Firewall and AV)
I installed and run as administrator.
This should be more than enough for it to run. I suppose I’ll have to look at the DMP since there is push back here.

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