API, twitch age and how long someones been in my stream


I’ve been looking around the internet, I cant seem to find the api for how long someones been in my stream and their twitch account age, like when they created their account. The commands for these are typically !howlong and !time.

!commands add !howlong $(urlfetch https://2g.be/twitch/following.php?user=$(querystring $(touser))&channel=$(querystring $(channel))&format=mwdhms)

!commands add !time $(twitch $(touser) "{{displayName}} has been on Twitch for {{createdLength}}")


For the !howlong, I meant how much total time they have spent in my channel, not how long they have been following.


Nightbot is not capable of measuring the amount of time a user has spent in your channel.


I seen someones channel have that feature, do you know how they did it?


I imagine they have a bot that sits in their chat and keeps track of when chatters join and leave the chat. This means that it’s not possible to determine how long a user has spent in that chat before the bot began keeping track.


I am guessing you dont know how to set that bot up right? Also thank you for your help.


You will have to find a bot that offers that feature.


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