API to show the last 1-25 followers

Here’s an API to show the last 1-25 followers of the channel.
Full API here: http://pastebin.com/JTxivba5
Very easy to use, just input your Twitch channel name after Broadcaster=

!addcom !last $(customapi owyn.us - owyn Resources and Information.)

Or definitely feel free to modify the wording or whatever and host the API yourself. So to call the API from chat, just type !last and it’ll print out the last 5 followers, or !last 25 will show the last 25 followers, or ya know anything in-between 1-25 after !last.

Just like with any of my posts, please tell me any suggestions you have for the code, I don’t know know a whole lot about PHP. And I know people have posted these APIs before, but THEY DON’T SHARE the APIs for those of us who want to modify the wording a little bit, or just have an actual copy of the API on our own hosting solution.

Your example is leading to /RandomUser.php instead of LastFollowers.php.

Copy and paste got me. :yum: Thank you for the correction.