API leaderboard date_from date_to

Hello, i’m starting a project for my stream who’s based on streamtip’s API.

Here’s the params i pass to the leaderboard’s request :

let params = { qs: _.merge(credentials, {
        "limit":     10,
        "date_from": "2014-05-22T18:44:44.811Z",
        "date_to": "2015-04-03T14:49:14.811Z"

But, it looks like to use the default date range. Limit parameters is OK but I can’t get date range to work… Am I missing something ? Thanks!

The date_from and date_to parameters limit the range transactions are pulled from.

For example, to get the leaderboard for the month of April, you would want to configure the following rage:


I have tested these parameters, and they do seem to function properly.

Oww, I see sorry. Would be cool to have a way to have “all time” leaderboard tho :smile:
Thanks !

Edit: Well nvm miss read, totally ( late here ), they totally seems to be ignored on my side when exceed a certain amount of month between them

Edit2: After futhermore investigating, it seems like some transaction are not properly grouped. I got an user that has exactly same username but first and last name differs, and only his transaction with last & first name are properly grouped.

Is this a bug ?

If you do not specify a date range, it is an all-time leaderboard.

Users are grouped by Twitch account. In order to tip a streamer you authenticate with Twitch. If a user uses two separate Twitch accounts, they are split into two separate entries. There’s no way to ensure transactions are from the same Twitch user otherwise.

Well, that’s kind a sad. A user with same username/paypal address should be grouped imo :confused:

Thanks for taking time to respond

There’s no proof that someone didn’t enter in someone else’s username, and there’s no proof that people who share the same PayPal account (many families do) are the same person. For this reason, the only accurate way is to group based on authentication.

It makes sense ! Then thanks for your replies, you can close it !

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