Any way to reset count without moderator privileges?

So I’ve been struggling with a resettable counter.
!crab that increments and displays counts:




There have been $(count) crabs spotted to date

And one that resets it to 0



!crab -c=0



I’ve seen several implementations similar to this, but all had the same result: They would only work if the person had moderator on the actual twitch channel. Wouldn’t even work for someone who had nightbot manager privilege, but not moderator on the channel.

!commands is definitely enabled on the channel, and both commands are set to UserLevel “Everyone”, but while !crab will work for anyone, !resetcrabs only seems work for moderators. My guess is that it’s the !editcom part.

I want anyone to be able to use !resetcrabs if they want, not just someone with moderator, is there any way I can change it to achieve this?

There is no way that I know of to currently do that with just nightbot count variable though I do believe it could be achieved with use of apis like the quote api though that isn’t the intended purpose.
I think I may look into making one as I have far to often seen people asking about making custom counts that are currently possible with the use of the current $(count) variable I’ll update you if/when I make one.

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Thanks for the input friend

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