Any way to get rid of old messages in the chat?

Hi, was wondering if there is any way to add get rid of text X duration old on the screen, for streams that move slowly.

As an example I had the system chat messages on my stream today for 2 hours.

Thanks for your time.

There’s not a way to make old chat disappear at this time, though it’s possible I may add this in the future.

i crop mine in obs for those slow days lol

Along with the opener’s request, is there a way to have OBS Chat’s successful logon to remove itself? Or allow the option so that it’s not there?

I don’t have a lot of people viewing my channel, but I’d like to use this plugin. Currently as is, my stream may always have the chat buffering until people decide to be really chatty to scroll that off.

If you have a really small channel you should consider holding off on displaying chat on stream. The number one mistake people do when they are new streamers is grab all these tools popular casters use and throw them on their stream. If you don’t have a community already, many tools can hurt the building of one. In this case, OBS Chat makes your channel look inactive.

I can completely understand the concern and where it’s coming from. I’m not streaming to be building a community. So I have no concern about what people may think. My channel’s there for my group/guild/clan/people to be watching and participating when they’re not there with me and nothing else. Truth be told, if I had a popular community, I wouldn’t be feeding the chat into the stream since there’d be too much spam and it’d be going too fast to be enjoyable.

I’m sorry if this particular post sounds to be on the offensive or on the defensive. I’m just explaining where I’m coming from and what I personally would enjoy for my channel to have since I know that preferences and needs of people differ from a case-to-case basis. So to restate myself, I personally would be very happy if the chat initializing buffer would remove itself, or if there’d be an option to allow the general chat to be cleared either by the user, or by the plug-in by itself.