Any possibility for making this alerts for me?

Yo guys, just woundering, can i somehow make this follower alerts visible not just for viewers, but for me? Like, make them pop as on stream, same on my screen? Or is there any way to show recent follower on screen just for me?
I dont want to use stuff like teeboard or etc.

Follower alerts are visible via the OBS preview screen. I could be confused on exactly what you’re asking though. You can also use a Nightbot command for your recent followers via the chat variable page.

Imagine that you are watching, for example, my stream, Somebody followed me, you see a pop up, that follower alert bring: . I want to see this on MY screen (on my monitor, if you wish):
Is that possible? I just want to, like, thank all the people that followed me, by saying something like “Thanks, %username% for following me!”, but i dont know the name of guy, who just followed me (while my viewers see his name).

P.S. I’m sorry for grammar mistakes, still learning English! :smile:

Unfortunately it’s not possible to overlay the alerts onto your own computer screen. You should be able to increase the video preview in OBS or XSplit to be able to read the alert that appears on your stream, however.

Can i somehow programm nighbot to say something in chat, like “%username% just followed!” when this %username% follows?

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