Animated Follower alert?

So, I was curious, does anyone know how to get an animated alert? Like bacon’s? I imagine it’s just css, but I may be wrong. Any suggestions would be helpful! Thanks!

As a user, all you have to do is upload the gif to imgur/vidble and replace the image link in the URL provided by our setup guide but if you go over the size we use you will need to play around with the CSS

NOW, As support for NightDev I do not recommend it if you are not use to CSS and most times if you attempt to change our basic code it is harder for us to troubleshoot.

I tried replacing the url with a gif, and it won’t load, any idea?

did you change the resolution and CSS to size it up? Like I said above. We do not suggest changing our recommended settings for the alert so most of it is going to be trial and error on your part.

I ended up getting it. I had accidentally replaced the 2f just before the picture id in the link.

there yea go. Enjoy sir!