Android Marshmallow Stuck at 2/3

TwitchCast gets stuck at step 2/3 with both chrome and chrome beta.

If it’s not prompting you to select a Chromecast device, then your Chromecast is already in a session. Try rebooting everything

Same issue here with chrome, chrome beta and chrome dev. Moto X 2nd gen, Android 5.1 with a 2015 chromecast. I have rebooted everything and just get stuck in 2/3

Tried restarting everything, same issue in both chrome and chrome beta

I have had all the same problems

Any update on this? Still a problem

Unfortunately I don’t have an Android device to test with, so there’s no possible way for me to reproduce and fix this issue. The feature was originally created for desktop Chrome, not mobile, so if it worked on mobile at any point in time then it was by chance.

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