Amazon ads on top of chatbox

Hey there,

Recently I’m having the issue of amazon ads that are placed right on top op the chat-box, which makes it impossible to write in chat. When you click on the ad, it takes you to Amazon (and unfortunalely not in a new window/tab).

On Reddit Twitch-Staff is claiming that this is none of their ads… Reddit-Thread

I’d be happy to know who’s responsible for this ad.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Edit: Ok, here’s a clarification: (post from Twitch Staff)

No, but BTTV does play with our HTML DOM. When we add new DOM elements, remove old elements, etc, it’s common for things like this to happen.

We are quite aware of this and are investigating. It’s not our ad, and Twitch is denying that it is indeed them. From the DOM posted by a user affected, it appears to be embedded by some adware/malware running on a domain (intentionally not linked).

What’s left in the unknown is why BetterTTV is being correlated with this. If you disable BetterTTV, are you experiencing this ad at all? Can you disable BetterTTV and post a copy of your a channel page’s HTML being displayed to you?

To post a copy of the channel page’s HTML, you can right-click on the Twitch page, and “Inspect Element” then scroll to the top of the HTML and copy the HTML: and then paste it into a Gist.

As a quick update, we’ve added code to BetterTTV to delete this ad when detected, as well as log the event to find out who is being affected by this issue. This appears to be an ad only displayed for European users, which makes us believe it is actually a regional Twitch ad (and is why nobody on our team can reproduce it). We’ll continue to investigate this to figure out what else it could be, if anything.

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