Alternating Timer messages

Hi, I have two timers and I am trying to think of how to get it so that the timer messages alternate without the chance of the messages overlapping each other within 30 minutes. Is this possible?

For example, at the 30 minute mark I want it to say ad #1, then at the hour mark I want it to say ad #2, and so on.

I noticed that it said “You can use command variables to make dynamic responses.” so I was thinking maybe I could have a $count variable and then if the count is 1 send one ad, if the count is 2 then send the other ad and reset count or something, but this is not possible as far as I know because there’s no such thing as an if statement or anything to reset the count as far as I know. I am thinking my best bet would be to make my own timer system and use the API to handle this, but was hoping for some of this functionality to be built in.

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