Allow us to set separate categories for commands

I manage a stream and we have a lot of inside jokes that newcomers don’t necessarily understand, so we utilize nightbot commands that link to clips.

The problem with this, is right now nightbot commands are all in alphanumeric order, which creates a messy cluster of real commands in Clip commands.

PLEASE add a feature where we can add different categories for commands. That way we can put all of our clip commands in one area, and REAL commands in another, or to divide them by userlevel, etc…

I love nightbot, but this is something I find a little bit frustrating about the platform right now! :stuck_out_tongue:

You could consider changing the command names of all your clip commands to start with the same prefix (like !clip). That way they will be easily identifiable when you are sorting your commands by command name.

You can sort the commands by Userlevel by clicking on the column:

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