Allow MODS to change Streamlabs OBS Scenes?

I’m still googling if there is a way for Mods to to change Streamlabs OBS Scenes for Twitch?

Any advice greatly appreciated, thanks

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EDIT I found an answer here:

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That’s not a very common thing for streamers to want and a dangerous privilege to give.
i don’t even think it’s possible.
To make scene switches easier for the streamer i would suggest something like a stream deck or foot pedals ect.

I talked to a few OBSProject Core Team Member’s and they said that there is a bot that lets “your mods to control your OBS scenes or mute/unmute your mic from chat.”
I’m not sure if this makes it possible to do with nightbot because i feel like it would have already been done.

Credit: ( “TT” The developer of obs-websocket )

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Thank you :slight_smile:

Much appreciated

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