Allow Everyone to Add themselves to Regulars, but not remove themselves

I am looking to use a the “regulars” tool in Night Bot to create a role in my Discord that only regulars can access.

I am looking to have people type in a custom command “!rangerme” that activates the custom “!regulars add (user)” command.

The struggle i’m having is that I want people to only be able to add themselves. I’d like to avoid users trolling eachother by using the “!regulars delete (user)” command.

Is there a way for me to have the !regulars commands set to moderator privaledges and the custom commands that call upon the !regulars command to work with everyone?

Found a way to make this work “sorta”

By using Twitch’s banned words tool, I was able to ban !regulars as a written command in chat.

This allows us to have people write !rangerme and have that be the only way to access that tool.

It works well as a way to connect discord users from Twitch users as well.

The command !regular is locked to Moderator and above. This is so users cannot add themselves, sorry.

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