All of Twitch BTTV theme is the same except Dashboard

Just recently started using BTTV and I’ve noticed, without being asked or told, it has changed the theme of my dashboard to what I personally find to be an ugly and out of place grey. Especially since the rest of Twitch remains the same dark theme it was previously. Is there a way to fix/disable this?

Sorry about that, we loaded a BetterTTV legacy version while Twitch was in the process of upgrading their main site to main a consistent coverage. The Dashboard version of the site is still using the old outdated resources. Hopefully Twitch can update it soon™.

So you’re blaming the default Twitch site despite the fact that it doesn’t appear that way by default? Why not just NOT make changes to the dashboard, or have an option for us to turn off whatever changes you’re making to the dashboard that’s causing this if you can’t seem to get them right and want to blame Twitch for your mistake?

We don’t update the legacy version of BetterTTV being loaded on old Twitch site pages. Twitch will be updating their dashboard to their new site very soon, so it serves no purpose in complaining to us here.