All of my nightbot custom commands deleted

I was gone for about a year. Is there a purge after a certain period of inactivity?

We do indeed purge old accounts. The cleanup is ran sparingly, usually only when the database reaches a size where we want to prune it.

Is the whole account deleted when that purge happens? Only my custom commands are missing.

The whole account is removed when that happens, yes.

Then I’m not sure what happened. Is there a way to find out if a mod deleted them while I was offline?

We unfortunately don’t have those logs this far back, sadly.

I had the same thing happen. I didn’t have access to the internet for about 8 months, and when I got back on about a month ago all of my custom commands were gone. I’ve begun rebuilding them so it doesn’t really matter now, but I thought I would at least say the same thing happened to me.