All custom commands are gone

Hey guys.

Life got in the way and I had to take a break from Twitch, for over a year.
Now I came back and it seems that all the custom commands I had are gone… and I had lots of them (on my page alone I had the codes for over 60 commands and that wasn’t even all of them).
Is there any way to restore them?

Thank you in advance.

Sorry but at this time there isn’t a way to restore them.

No offense guys, but that kinda sucks. I just checked my old website and I had almost 150 commands. I spent countless hours working on those for months.

I wasn’t aware that inactive accounts would be wiped clean or I would’ve written down my commands somewhere. I lost countless hours working on those.

I still have a handful of commands in Kappamon and StreamElements. If the Nightbot commands get wiped, there should be an option for people to do a backup of their NB content (especially since there’r no way to restore them), most programs I know where you risk losing stuff due to inactivity have a backup option. Or send people automated emails with something like “Hey, we noticed you haven’t been using Nightbot in a while, your data will be reset if you remain absent”.

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