All Alerts stopped working on new Computer

The old computer I was using was on WIndows Vista. In fact here are the specs for it:

I’m using this computer here currently:

The current one runs windows 8.1 and I reinstalled OBS the clr browser and copied over my profiles and scenes from my Vista computer so that I wouldn’t have to rebuild all my scenes and profiles.

I also copied my URL for the Alert images and all the CSS code that made my Alerts work fine on my old machine with no problems. But what’s happening now is whenever I preview my alerts, one doesn’t fully complete and the other just shows the corner of the alert despite having the proper CSS to make it appear. I tried to adjust the CSS code by pixels to see if it would adjust to make sure it’s working, but it literally won’t make the image budge. Google Chrome Inspect element will make it move around but for some reason whenever I try to change the CSS or recreate the entire alert and generate a new URL and etc, it just repeats the same problems. It’s almost as if my CSS isn’t being read in OBS, or it’s being ignored.

Is there anyway to fix this? Why is it not working on this computer? I did all the right steps and copied all the information, but it just won’t work. If anymore information is needed please let me know and i’ll check back.

EDIT: I forgot to also say that my image that starts off in the corner making it seem like no CSS went through, in like the last frame or two of the graphic appearing it will actually revert to the CSS settings that I specifically wrote for the image as if it’s correcting itself, while it’s fading out. If that helps at all.

Check that the width and heights are set correctly for each source, as it sounds like it’s not. If that’s not the case, perhaps the difference is that CLR Browser is newer on the new computer. The newer CLR Browser handles CSS injection differently, which may account for the changes. You can still grab the old CLR Browser at

Do I just run the .bat file or do I need to go into my plugins and manually delete my old clr browser files?

Oh nevermind I just deleted them and installed. It’s working like it used to. Thanks a ton!

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