Alerts work, OBS crashes after running once

I just installed the follower, sub and donation alerts and they all work like they should. However, after closing OBS it will not start again, just gives me the “OBS has stopped working” popup. If I run the OBS installer, everything works as it should again, but still only once - and only when I run it directly from the installer, not through the .exe. It’s not a massive issue since the installer only takes a couple seconds and saves all my settings/scenes, but it’d still be nicer if I could just get this fixed.

17:36:25: CLR host plugin strings not found, dynamically loading 4 strings 17:36:25: CLRHost::Initialize() attempting to load and start the .NET runtime (null) 17:36:25: CLRHost::Initialize() Found version v2.0.50727 .NET runtime 17:36:25: CLRHost::Initialize() Found version v4.0.30319 .NET runtime 17:36:25: CLRHost::Initialize() attempting to use v4.0.30319 .NET runtime 17:36:25: CLRHost::LoadInteropLibrary() load the assembly plugins\CLRHostPlugin\CLRHost.Interop.dll 17:36:26: CLRHost::LoadPlugins() attempting to load the plugin assembly CLRBrowserSourcePlugin

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Edit; got it working with the 32-bit version. Topic can be closed/deleted.