Alerts not popping up while streaming

Hi again, prob something so so simple. when i run test donations, everything is fine, the banner pops up no problem, stream tip alerter works fine & it shows up on stream tip website. I’ve had my friend donate to me several times and i get none of the previous, only an email saying he has donated. This obviously isn’t what i’m after. It’s been the same on stream donations, stream tip (& even i’m raising) tried step by step guides several times to no avail.

CLR browser is top of my sources
I have added and not added the CSS in the css tab just to see if there was a problem there and still nothing

Test works perfectly, live really doesn’t want to, paypal is verifed etc and now i’m out of ideas.

Any advice is welcome!!


What does IPN history show?

A direct link to that is

The IPN feature is turned off. You must turn on IPN in order to create history data.

Hmmmm I feel this may be the crux of the issue. What url do I need to enter when turning it on? My twitch channel?

IPN being turned off doesn’t really matter, it’s what the transaction status is in the list of IPNs being sent to us. If it says “Disabled” you may need to upgrade your account to Premier+

IPN feature is turned off, all transactions say ‘sent’

If transactions are sent, then it should be working fine.

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