Alerter Bad login

I need a bit of hep here, ive used this program before and i needed to redo my setting on my new PC. i know i am copy and pasting the right info but no matter what i seem to keep getting a bad login. Any help on this would be super awesome

After entering your API information into the program, try pressing an arrow key on your keyboard while still inside the input box. This causes the form to recheck your entry.

I get the same issue. I get bad login red so I reset my API token and put it in. It then turns green. When I restart the program is shows up as bad login again and the cycle repeats. Even once it turns green, the main GUI window will continue saying bad login and adding new tips to test shows no alert.

After entering API information and the fields turn green, you need to close only the settings window to save your settings.

Once your settings are saved, if it still says “Bad Login” you can restart the alerter application.

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