Alert works - with sound it doesnt

I have followed the youtube guide, installed the follower and donator alerts, downloaded the clr3 pack and everything works fine if I just use the notification for each. If I try to add an .ogg sound for either alert, this is where I get issues.

If I have the check box checked in obs- and there is a sound attached to the link - my preview/stream results in horrendous feedback. The volume is ear splitting and unbearable actually, and I have no idea why. If i take &=sound portion out, and try the preview again, the alert works just fine.

I have updated flash, uninstalled and re-installed OBS and the clrpack - i have tried about 6 different .ogg sound files. I am really stumped and any help would be great.


Any ideas? Anyone?

I’ve tried all I can think of.

I don’t want to be that guy but it works for me fine. What is the sound file you are using? Maybe I can create one to test. Use a file sharing site and I will give it a shot.

I am currently having the same problem. using a .ogg File less than 10 seconds long, Notification works fine if i take out the ogg but with it nothing, sorry to slid in with my own issue, just figured why clutter up the board with litterally the same post.

Here is my code for it:

and then here is my preview code

Any think look wrong with it?

Yeah same issue, I have tried downloading .mp3’s and converting them, as well as downloading .ogg’s and just using those. Really baffled here -

If sound breaks the system, you aren’t using the CLR browser I packaged. Install my version or it doesn’t work.

Thanks for the reply, I’m using the CLR that was offered when I set up the alert, I had a different CLr before yours, should I try dumping my plugins folder and try installing yours again? Currently there is only your CLR listed in my folder.

I am currently using your CLR pack from

I followed this guide, and did it step by step, and I get the same horrendous feedback. Is there a way to completely removed the clrpack and re-do it? That’s the last thing I could think of…

Thanks for your help

If you’re still having issues after clearing your plugins folder and reinstalling CLR Browser, post an OBS log file.

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Clearing it all out worked for me, not sure why/how the old CLR was still there but it seems to have fixed it, thanks for the help and sorry to the OP for jumping on your thread hope you get your issue squared away and thanks for the awesome stuff you guys do here!

Glad that worked for you cmo! But for me, I reinstalled the clr3 and completely wiped the plugins folder for OBS, and I am still getting horrible feedback with the clr browser enabled. Here is the log

I don’t know what “horrible feedback” refers to, but it wouldn’t be an issue with my alerts or CLR Browser. Provide video or a recording of what you’re referring to.

This is what horrible feedback is - - also here is the log -

That first link is not valid

The converting website has a bug and it makes corrupted files for some people so you wanna use
i had the same issue and this fixed it

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