Alert Audio Not working?

I tried my alert audio for both my follower alerts, tip alerts, and even with stream tip. but its not reading the OGG files that i have converted using the website. when it try it on stream tip it says that the file is not an OGG file even when I double check that the file i have chosen to use was the one that I downloaded from the online conversion site.

Make sure you are using this website:

Additionally, you might want to verify that the files you download will play in a well-known media player, like VLC:

im using that website to convert the files, and i tried playing them off VLC and they arent reading either. could it be that the website conversion is messing up?

It sounds like the files you are uploading are corrupted or not supported by the online-convert website. Since they don’t play in VLC, that is why they don’t work in our application.