Advanced !setmulti command with the names of the streamers

I want to create a !setmulti command that receive as input the channels of the friends, like this:

!setmulti @channel1 @channel2 @channel3

And then would return the following text, with the names of the friends when known:

“thischannel is playing $(game) with Name1, channel2, Name3, … . You can check the multi here:…”

To do that, I would have a Pastebin with a list of channels and the respective Names of the people running the channels, like this for this example:

:[channel1] Name1
:[channel3] Name3

(this list can be written differently if needed to achieve my goal here)
If the channel is not found on Pastebin (like was the case of channel2 in my example), the multi is made using the channel name instead of empty info.

However, I really need help doing it, because I’m not that good with Javascript. Can someone please help me telling me how to do it?

Hey this should solve what you want:

$(channel) is playing $(twitch $(channel) "{{game}}") with $(eval channel="$(channel)";one="$(1)";two="$(2)";three="$(3)";four="$(4)";five="$(5)";Names=$(urlfetch json YOURPASTEBIN);$(urlfetch json

Replace YOURPASTEBIN with the raw version of your pastebin in this format:


Makes sure it’s in this format specifically. Here is an example

Type all channels in lowercase with no @

When using the command you may @ and use capitals just specifically when typing in the pastebin dont use them.

This has all the functions you asked for it can store infinite channels and names.

PLEASE NOTE: This only allows for up to 5 other channels please let me know if there is a need for more , also the second pastebin is the one doing all the work behind the command so don’t remove it.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Feel free to ask any questions

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It works like a charm!! It’s perfect!!

Thank you so much potatoeaterlove!!!

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I have another question: can the command be improved so I can use it indicating which channels are streaming live or not, so it can create the multilink only with live channels, like this:

!setmulti channel1 1 channel2 0 channel3 1 channel4 1 channel5 0 …
(I am telling the command that channel1, channel3 and channel4 are streaming. channel2 and channel5 are not)

And then would return the following text:

“thischannel is playing $(game) with Name1, channel2, Name3, Name4 and Name5… . You can check the multi here: https : // multistre. am/thischannel/channel1/channel3/channel4/"

So, it would say all the names of the friends just like you helped me do, but the multi link would only contain the channels that had an “1” after it’s name on the !setmulti command.

And would it be possible to make all this work for up to 7 friends max, so I can take advantage of the max that multistre. am can do, please?

This should be exactly what your looking for it uses a new pastebin for outputting the response:

$(channel) is playing $(twitch $(channel) "{{game}}") with $(eval channel="$(channel)";query="$(query)".split(" ");Names=$(urlfetch json YOURPASTEBIN);$(urlfetch json

Do everything as before just type a 1 after the channel if you want them included in the multi.
Also incase no one else is streaming no link is given.
Hope this works as intended from my testing it works fine :slight_smile:


It worked perfectly!!! Thank you so much for all the help!!!

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