Adjusted Subscriber Count Broken

Hello! I had a forum on here about the adjusted subscriber count command around a year ago: Adjusted Subscriber Count on Twitch This command worked perfectly for a year, but ever since nightbot was down the other day, the command has stopped working. I am either getting the response “Right-hand side of ‘instanceof’ is not an object.” Seeing as it was working for a long time but is not now, I am wondering what changed. Thank you in advance!!

You probably just need to login again at

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I tried to login again but it still isn’t working. I am also making this command for streamers that I mod for, not for myself, so I am not sure if that makes a difference in anyway with regards to anything.

The owner of the channel is required to re-login in order to restore this functionality.


Additionally you can only get the sub count of the channel where the command was called in, so pretty much this is the only command that works for getting the sub count:

$(twitch $(channel) "{{subscriberCount}}")

Edit: Didn’t see Aaron’s post. Yeah the channel owner might have to re-auth.

So is not not possible to adjust the subscriber count anymore? Because for most channels the streamer themselves is also counted as a subscriber which makes the count be off by 1. In the only command I was able to subtract this one in order to make it completely accurate.

The system still works. If you’re getting a “instanceof” error it’s because the subcount is returning an error. You need to logout and login to the Nightbot control panel again to fix that.

You can still adjust the sub count by sticking it in $(eval) and subtracting 1:

$(eval $(twitch $(channel) "{{subscriberCount}}")-1)

If it returns an instanceof error then probably the channel owner needs to re-auth, is log out of and back onto the Nightbot dashboard.

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