Adding padding to follower alert

Hi NightDev,

I have a simple problem but am unsure how to do it cuz I’m a total noob. Got my follower notification working just fine on OBS. I have it positioned to come in from the bottom (used right click / position / bottom…not in the actual code) and I’m wondering if I can add some padding so it’s not stuck all the way to the bottom, but rather has about 30-40px gap between bottom of video frame to bottom of follower alert image.

i tried some margin-bottom: / padding-bottom: type things but didn’t recognize it, also included !important to them.

posted here is my code (hope i did that right)

Thanks for the use of your service,

I also have no idea how to post code here correctly. Never done anything like this before. I google how to but it all the forums just direct me to pastebin and such sites…which is fine, just don’t know how to grab that and put it here i guess.

Thanks in advance for the help

I would not use css for this. Is there a reason you cant just move it up a bit in obs?

Whelp that was easy, didn’t know I could even do that…my god I’m a little slow.

Well since that was quick. I have one more question.

Can I add a soundclip after I’ve made everything? meaning do I have to start the process from step 1 again, or is this something I can add into the code somehow

Thanks for your reply

You will need to do it again, however you can skip the first step, where you install crl browser.

Ok, so I thought. No problemo!

keep up the good work

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