Adding Kappa counter emote compatibility

I saw on the chrome web store there was a extension to count Kappas an other emotes but it doesn’t work with bttv until someone changed the code an he put it in the support section, i thought maybe if i give it to u guys then u can patch it in to all the bttv users so they don’t an try to change the code an accidentally make it worse. This is what he said was the solution

Working without BTTV, but when BTTV is enabled it no longer works.

edit: I found the fix to make it BTTV compatible.

On line 40 of kpmscript.js:

Original Line:

var chatdivs = chatlist.getElementsByClassName(“ember-view chat-line”);

Change to:

var chatdivs = chatlist.getElementsByClassName(“chat-line”);


BTTV only uses chat-line and not ember-chat. That is why KPM wasn’t hooking into it. I changed it on my own end and it works now :).

When .ember-chat is attached to chat lines, BetterTTV loses the ability to track mouseovers. Because of this, we do not include that CSS class.

thank you for the clearafaction